Elevator Bio:

Jason Hogan composes for film and television and plays live acoustic folk-rock at festivals and pubs.  His new album is available on all streaming services or you can buy a good ol’ fashioned cd from him. He lives in Toronto, Canada.

30 Second Bio:

Hogan spent a decade playing rock, jazz, blues and folk with performances in Canada, Ireland and Peru.  One of the highlights of that period was a track that was included on a project with B.B. King.  After that,  he studied like an ascetic for a decade: classical piano at the RCM, and Composition and Orchestration at Berklee.  If taking a break was good enough for Dylan and Miles, it’s good enough for anyone.

And now, he’s taken all of that knowledge and experience and distilled it into 2 different streams: composing for media (film and television) and performing live at festivals, markets, and pubs everywhere.

Member of:  Screen Composers Guild of Canada / SOCAN

copy close head shot matt.jpeg

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