Elevator Bio:

J Hogan composes for film and television and also has a hair-brained (but very entertaining) side project,  ‘Seamus O’Leary’.

A (tongue in cheek) Bio For The Ages:

May 4, 1974.  The sky was an ashen, lead grey.  The wind howled mercilessly. The rain cut and lashed through all those that dared venture outside.  But then, at around 2 in the afternoon, the clouds parted, the sun shone, birds sang and flowers blossomed instantaneously.  It was at this moment that I was born.

In my teens, poetry I wrote was selected to be recited (by me) at a high school assembly that ended in a minor riot.  The official verdict claimed that I may have encouraged this but did not necessarily incite the riot as teenagers enjoy a good riot for any reason and therefore, all charges were dropped.

This lead to performances in Canada, Ireland and Peru.  A track I wrote was included in a project where BB King was the lead musician.  To answer the next 2 most common questions: 1- You can hear the song here . (It’s track #3, ‘The Power of One’. Feel free to download it for 99 cents)  The answer to the 2nd most common question is, ‘No, BB never got a chance to meet me.’

After that, I studied like an ascetic music nerd for a decade- classical piano at the RCM, and Composition and Orchestration at Berklee.  If taking a break was good enough for Dylan and Miles, it’s good enough for me!

And now, I’ve taken all of that wisdom and experience and distilled it into 2 different streams: composing for music libraries (for film and television) and performing ‘Father’ Seamus O’Leary to enraptured audiences everywhere.


Member of:  Screen Composers Guild of Canada / SOCAN



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